Cranford Park Academy   

The Park Federation Academy Trust was established in September 2012. It is a community-focused Multi-Academy Trust. There are four primary academies in the federation family: Cranford Park Academy (Hayes), James Elliman Academy (Slough), Montem Academy (Slough) and Wood End Park Academy (Hayes). The federation educates and cares for more than 3,000 children. It plans to open its fifth academy in September 2014 at Lake Farm in Hayes. The Trust is an approved Sponsor Academy for the Department for Education.
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To Question is to Grow
The Park Federation wants more children to enjoy and benefit from a first-rate education. Our academies are safe, happy and inclusive places where hard work, good behaviour, creativity and progress are prized. All families – irrespective of background – are welcome, respected and encouraged to play an active part in their children’s learning. Each and every child experiences success, grows in self-belief and increases in confidence.

Our Ofsted Report

..... This is a good school.  The school is well led and managed and the morale in the school is high.  The strong team of leaders and managers works effectively to bring about improvements.  Pupils make good progress across the year groups, especially in reading and mathematics.  Pupils, regardless of their ability or ethnic backgrounds, make good progress.  Pupils are courteous, polite, friendly and show respect for each other and adults.  They have positive attitudes to learning and want to do their best.  Pupils who find work difficult are fully included in the life of the school and receive high-quality care and support from teachers and teaching assistants.  Teachers’ good questioning, marking and written feedback in pupils’ books on how to improve extends pupils’ learning and helps them to make good progress.  The governing body is ambitious and knows the academy well, including its strengths and areas for development.  There are rigorous systems in place to monitor the quality of teaching and learning involving all leaders and managers..........

OfSTED Inspection - June 2013
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